Happy greetings to all fellow Lions and Leos in Multiple District 308. On 1st July 2021, a brand-new Council of Governors has assumed leadership roles. They are District Governor Lesa Gan of District A1 (Singapore), District Governor Lydia Lu Siew Fong of District A2 (Sabah, Sarawak, Federal Territory Labuan and Brunei Darussalam), District Governor Tan Teoh Teik Choon of District B1 (Malaysia), District Governor Michel Yee Yoke Cheng of District B2 (Malaysia), Vice Council Chairperson Dato Yeoh Moh Chai and Council Chairperson Tan Soh Har. The Council of Governors looks forward to having as much communications and interactions with you.

This fiscal year our International President is Douglas Alexander from USA – the first African American to this high office of our International Association of Lions. He is a family man, a die hard New Yorker and a banker. He pledges to us Lions that he will “SERVE FROM HIS HEART”.

I will share his theme and I urge all Lions to


During these challenging times of Covid-19 pandemic, we, volunteers of humanitarian services can do so much – food bank, feeding the hungry, counselling those who have lost their jobs, guiding those who are suffering from depression and seeking help for those suffering from mental illness etc just to mention a few.

We pray that very soon, we will see the light in the tunnel and our lives will be normal again. With the high rate of vaccination, we must remain positive and look forward to happier times for all.

Let us do this together

“Service from our hearts”


Yours sincerely in Lionism

Tan Soh Har

Council Chairperson


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