Warmest Regards,

Greetings to my fellow Lions and friends in the Multiple-District of Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei, and around the world!

We begin the new Lions term on 1st of July, 2020 in a very special and memorable way. The past few months have been very challenging not only for the Lions here and abroad, but also people around the world, who were faced with a pandemic that has affected the lives and livelihood of all. It is without doubt that the pandemic has changed the landscape of the way we live, nevertheless, we the Lions, have stayed united and vigilant while making every effort to ensure that services to our communities are carried out where needed.

Although preparation for the transition was more demanding with limitations in time and other aspects as well, but Lions leaders who were responsible to ensure a smooth transition have done it well and with excellent collaboration, planning and execution.

I would like to stress our communities will need our service more than ever. While Lions Clubs International will still emphasize on our core projects of Vision, Diabetes, Hunger Relief, Environment and Youth, other focus will be humanitarian, childhood cancer and disaster relief such as projects related to Covid-19 pandemic. We ask that Lions clubs continue to look into the needs in our community while making sure our efforts to help people are also within the means and comfort of our members.

We understand that times will be challenging in the next 1 year, but the Council of Governors, comprising of 4 districts in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei, will do our level best to make continuous progress of the Districts and our Multiple District.

I believe there is always light at the end of tunnel, and we have started to see strands of light as we crossed into a new lionistic year. Let us keep our faith that things will always be better and greater tomorrow.

Lion Ooi Chao Syhuan

Council Chairperson