Council Committee

FISCAL YEAR 2018-2019

Council Chairperson
Lim Hoe Guan

Vice Council Chairperson
Jerrick Tay Chun Peng

Council Secretary
District Governor 308 B1
Michelle Mok Shiau Ping

Council Treasurer
District Governor 308 A2
Tiong Yong Tiing

District Governor 308 A1
Jeffrey Yang

District Governor 308 B2
Dato’ Neo Say Yeow

Multiple District 308 Advisor

International Director Dato’ Dr K. Nagaratnam
(Lions Club of Malacca)

Past International Director Charlie Chan
(Lions Club of Singapore Changi)

Past International Director Datin Hjh. Ellis Suriyati Hj. Omar
(Lions Club of Kuching Ixora)

Past International Director Dato’ Douglas KK Lee
(Lions Club of Kuala Lumpur Host)

CA & Area Leader

GST VCAL PCC Dato’ Patrick Chew Kok Bin
(Lions Club of Subang Jaya)

GLT Area Leader PCC Dato’ Yeow Wah Chin
(Lions Club of Kuala Lumpur Central)

GMT Area Leader PDG Bobby Eng
(Lions Club of Singapore Katong)

GST Area Leader PCC Shawn Lee
(Lions Club of Ipoh Riverview)

Multiple District 308 Coordinator

MD GLT Coordinator
PDG Sashekala Pathmanathan
(Lions Club of Ayer Keroh)

MD GMT Coordinator
PCC Dr. Winston Koh
(Lions Club of Singapore Central)

MD FWM Coordinator
PDG Dato’ Betty Wong Yieng
(Lions Club of Sibu Pahlawan)

MD GST Coordinator
PDG Dato’ Khoo Kay Huat
(Lions Club of George Town Mutiara)

MD LCIF Coordinator
PDG Augustine Ngu Liong Ing
(Lions Club of Sibu Berjaya)

1st Vice District Governor

1st VDG Dato’ Javern Lim Chong Hee
(Lions Club of Kuala Lumpur Central)

1st VDG Dr Gan Kean Siong
(Lions Club of Keningau Mandarin)

1st VDG Gareth Goh PBM
(Lions Club of Singapore Garden City)

1st VDG William Lim Kok Peng
(Lions Club of Georgetown Island)

2nd Vice District Governor

2nd VDG Kenny Low Man Fook
(Lions Club of Damansara Kuala Lumpur)

2nd VDG Roland Chieng Yew Hee
(Lions Club of Sibu Mandarin)

2nd VDG Victor Yip
(Lions Club of Singapore Clover)

2nd VDG Dato’ Yeoh Moh Chai
(Lions Club of Tanjung)

Multiple District 308 Council Committee

MDCC Hearing Preservation, Awareness & Action
PDG Dr J.P. Kamalanathan
(Lions Club of of Kuala Krai)


MDCC Constitution and By-Laws
PDG Eric J.P. Ng
(Lions Club of Singapore west)

MDCC Reading Action Program
PDG Hudson Hah
(Lions Club of Ipoh Bougainvillea City)

MDCC Cancer Awareness & Action/Bulletin
PDG Lillian Fan
(Lions Club of Kuala Lumpur City)

MDCC LCI Forward
PDG Chieng Eu Hea
(Lions Club of Bintulu Host)

MDCC Convention
Late PCC Tommy Choo
(Lions Club of Singapore Katong)

The abovesaid position is taken over by MDCC PDG David Lee.

MDCC Sight Preservation, Awareness & Action
PDG Tai Sing Nge
(Lions Club of Subang Jaya) 

MDCC Education
PDG Chan Hoi
(Lions Club of Gua Musang)

MDCC Cultural & Community Services
PDG Karen Koh
(Lions Club of Tanjung Aru)

MDCC Diabetes Awareness & Action
PDG David Lee
(Lions Club of Singapore Amber)

MDCC Services for Children
PDG Dato’ Dr V. Jeganathan
(Lions Club of Perak Silver State)

PDG Laylay Loh
(Lions Club of Kuala Lumpur Host)

MDCC Environment
PDG Tan Soh Har
(Lions Club of Kuching City)

MDCC Hunger Relief
PDG Singa Retnam
(Lions Club of Singapore Lavender)

MDCC Fellowship
PDG Tan Swee Kok
(Lions Club of Seberang Perai Selatan)

MDCC International Relations
PDG John SC Loh
(Lions Club of Kuala Lumpur Host)

MDCC Alert
PDG Dato’ Lawrence Ting Siew Haw
(Lions Club of Labuan Mandarin)

MDCC Information
PCC Er William Tan BN
(Lions Club of Singapore Goldhill)

MDCC Protocol
PDG Oon Peng Lam
(Lions Club of Batu Gajah)