Council Chairperson

Dear Lions of Multiple District 308


2019 – 2020, will be memorable for many Lions in our Multiple District. Together we share good memories of Lions fellowship and this has bought the bridges across the sub districts closer especially in our regular Conventions and Districts Twinning Programs across borders.


The Multiple District 308, Congratulate all successful elected officers in their respective elections at Ipoh, last August 2019 and together we welcome the Council of Governors, Vice Council Chair, and MD Council Committee on board for this fiscal term of 2019-2020. I believe, we will have good time working together and for our mission of “We Serve.”


We have seen the many changes of different facets of Lions in Action. The changes and challenges must be innovative for many to relate to LCI Programs and Service Activities


i. We will follow the LCI initiatives and IP Choi’s key elements to focus on Membership Strengthening membership through divert and to expand impact service globally.


ii. Support LCIF in their humanitarian aid


iii. Encourage Lions in Training for better Leadership


Lions have excellently committed to serve the less privileged in our society and some had gone globally for service. Impact projects are good for our MD 308, let us together create a project with participation from all sub districts – in our Mission and Vision “To Serve” the People that need us more. I am confident the individual Governors would lead their districts with vibrancy


I look forward earnestly to work with all of you.


Thank you

Henre Tan WH PBM
Council Chairperson 2019-2020
Multiple District 308

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