The new term is here and a new beginning has come once again, my fellow Lions. With it comes a new hope and opportunity to improve our ways. First of all, I would like to congratulate 4 Centennial District Governors being elected into office at 99th Lions International Convention in Fukuoka, Japan. I promise to work closely with 4 Sub-District Governors and bring our Multiple District into greater height.

As we move on to face the many challenges with International President theme “New Mountain to climb” that are yet to come, we should continue to focus on our unwavering Lions's Motto "WE SERVE". As we commence a year of celebrating 100 years of community service – honoring our past and embracing our present –it is our future that we must plan and begin to forge. Our future is bright. But speaking metaphorically, if we are to ascend the next mountain, we must lay out a trail in front of us; we must mark our trail for future generations of Lions who follow, and preserve our tradition of service. We lead through service. That is our strength .We are a network of community leaders who have seen the result volunteer service can bring, and the value that volunteers provide to their communities. We must continue to assess our service initiatives and programs offered by LCI to ensure we have a unified vision in which service programs drive the purpose of our organization, and as a result, grow our membership, increase member satisfaction, allow for more meaningful partnerships and increase public awareness.

Ultimately, we must continue to lead through service and enhance our position as the global leader in humanitarian service. Lions have an enormous impact on the health and well-being of communities in nations and worldwide. Think of all the ways that Lions make a difference in day-to-day life:

  • Environment – Lions help to keep our neighborhoods, streets, parks, rivers, green spaces, and water clean and safe for everyone.
  • Youth – Lions tutor, teach, mentor, coach, and support young people with everything from math homework to dealing with personal crises to football and soccer tournaments.
  • Hunger – We work on our own and witother agencies to stem food insecurity.
  • Vision – Lions work on many levels to fight preventable blindness and provide much needed services to the blind and visually impaired.

The heavy responsibilities I bear as the Multiple District 308 Chairperson for Lion Year 2016 - 2017 are both heavy and heady. But with you, my fellow Lions, Lioness and Leo I have confident with your helped to me, the enthusiasm, zeal, and passion with which you performed your duties have allowed you to successfully close a memorable chapter in Lionism. I can honestly say you did your jobs better than best!

As we approach 100years of service, our footprint of service has grown beyond what Melvin Jones could have possibly foreseen Lions continue to adhere to the two words that define us – our reason for being and the very essence of our existence – “We Serve”. And Lions embrace new challenges and new opportunities to serve others.

Last but not least, wishing every one of you a great success to march into Centennial 100th year celebration.

Yours faithfully,
Ln Shawn Lee
Centennial Council Chairperson
Multiple District 308