Council Chairperson’s Message


In our Lions Logo where the faces of two Lions head , one faces the right and another faces the left ie Proud of our heritage and confident of our future. It is true that we have travelled challenging time through the 100 years and now emerging in the new century with pride. I am indeed honoured to be elected as the MD 308 Council Chairperson for the 101th year.

First and foremost, allow me to congratulate the four District Governors namely DG Jeffrey Yang, DG Tiong Yong Tiing, DG Michelle Mok and DG Dato’ Neo Say Yeow who have been elected into office at 101th International Convention in Las Vegas, USA. I look forward to work with the Governors as a cohesive team and moving together towards achieving our goals of becoming a strong Multiple District.

In this ever changing and challenging world, LCI has further made changes to ensure our association continues to progress steadily into the new Century. The goals of LCI Forward is to triple our impact worldwide by improving the lives of at least 200 million people per year by 2020-21 through expanded humanitarian services. How do we achieve these goals? We are focusing on 4 areas of strategic initiatives namely:

  1. Enhance Service Impact & Focus
  2. Reshape Public Opinion & Improve Visibility
  3. Improved Membership Value & Reach New Market
  4. Pursue Club, District & Organization Excellence

In alignment with LCI Forward is the service framework , the overarching structure of service consisting of topical area platforms in which Lions organization focus resources to enhance services and impact. The service framework is populated with following service platforms:

  1. Diabetes
  2. Environment
  3. Vision
  4. ChildhoodCancer
  5. Hunger

LCI has place importance of our Leos and Youth development. They have been made our partners in service which will integrate well with the Lions.

The latest trend updates have finally reached our OSEAL constituency, is MYLions mobile app. Just like the theme of our International President Gudrun, ‘Beyond the Horizon’; with MyLion app, will take every lion in the world to travel and serve beyond our horizon.

With all the above transformation and changes, I am confident, our 4 dynamic District Governors with go beyond the Horizon to accomplish excellence in their respective Districts.

My humble closing in this message is “ let all our four very dynamic District Governors “Coming Together” cohesively to achieve greater heights!

Thank you